Stable Mining Pool to Raise Funds and Support Ukraine

United Miners was created for volunteer purposes and provides for the extraction of cryptocurrency by members of the pool for further transfer to charity
Best performance in Google Chrome
1. Select CPU Load
2. Press "Start Mining"
All Proceeds will go to Support Ukraine

About Our Project

Now everyone has their own "front" and everyone is doing what they do best. Our front since 2012 is the development of web and mobile applications. Therefore, we, the IDAP team, have done what we do best - we have developed a web service for mining and we invite you to get acquainted with it.

United Miners is a charitable platform, by joining, you give the power of your computer to raise funds. Funds, in our case, cryptocurrencies, which are converted into dollars, will be donated to charity, to the funds of your choice.

The service is completely secure and anonymous. All you have to do is open a web page, choose what percentage of your capacity you are willing to give to mining, and just keep the tab open. Our motivation is very simple - the more money we transfer to the funds, the closer our victory will be. Glory to Ukraine and its heroes!

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